Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Algebra (Class 84)

In today’s class we continue our work examining the relationship between the length of the side and the area of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter in order to develop equations which can be used to describe and predict different measurements of these rectangles.
Textbook Sections
§12-4 (Txt. p.572) Graphs of Quadratic Functions

Key Attitudes
Mathematics is about generalizing and applying patterns.

Key Ideas
Equations can be written to represent quadratic relationships.
Equation can be used to predict key features of a graph of a parabola.

Key Skills
Calculate the area of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter given one dimension.
Graph non-linear data.
Use graphs and equations to make predictions.
Determine the perimeter of a rectangle given a table of values or graph.
Create equations given a graph or a table of values that can be used to predict the area of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter when the length is known.

Turn-In (#83)
Txt. p. 656-657 #1-5 ODD, 15-25 ODD
Txt. p.675 #1-3
Practice Worksheet: Worksheet: Which Member of Fred Ferd’s Family Thinks He’s a Pen?”

No Handouts Posted

Chapter 12: Quadratic Equations
Txt. p.662-663 #1, 9, Solve #35 and 43 by factoring, Solve #32 and 53 by completing the square, Solve #23 and 31 by using the Quadratic Formula
ACE #3, 6-8, 10, 12-16, 27

Disclaimer- The assignment as stated in class is the official assignment. Every effort is made to keep this posting accurate, but you should refer to what was stated in class as the final word.

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